Victory In The Lottery And Over Life

A native of Oregon, a man won a jackpot of 4 million euros playing the lotto. The American has been very lucky since life has not given him a gift after two consecutive cancers. The lottery has just turned its life upside down since with such a sum, all its projects will have to be realized in the blink of an eye.

One of the biggest jackpots collected

An American had the incredible luck to unearth the famous winning combination allowing to grab the jackpot, that is to say 4.6 million dollars. After surviving two cancers, Stu McDonald intends to take advantage of his winnings. The lucky winner told USA Today he is a very lucky man who is still alive after a tough ordeal. The Blend Oregon resident had validated his lottery ticket at the same cafe in his small town as usual. According to the American daily which obtained his testimony, his wife often made a joke to him about discovering the winning ticket. But this time, she said nothing and result! The jackpot is there. Thanks to this exceptional sum, the couple intends to have fun and put money aside for their retirement.

We can say that the story of Stu Macdonald represents a beautiful revenge on life. This man from the state of Oregon went from sick to millionaire in a short span of time. Every week, the bettor does not forget to buy his Megabucks ticket at the local café. Before each purchase, his wife tells him to bring back the winning ticket. That day, she had forgotten to wish him good luck, which apparently strengthened fate. Upon seeing the ticket, Stu notices that the gold letters reveal the jackpot. And not at any time, it is a US $ 4.6 million jackpot. After the levy of taxes, the winner will therefore pocket $ 1.56 million. As for the trade concerned, the manager will receive a 1% bonus, or a sum of nearly 46,000 dollars. What amply rejoice the owner of the cafe.

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